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  • Namaste

    *I give reverence to the spirit in you
    - that is also within me*

    Welcome to my sacred space ~ a true co-creation of art and nature. You have found the home base of a New York City portrait photographer.

    Within this playground for the open mind, I hope to enlighten you with my storytelling collections. I am quite sensitive to the energies that are present here, so play kindly, explore freely, and flourish.

I think I’ve been putting off this post for a while because it feels vulnerable to admit that I am consciously choosing to commit to other entreprenurial / creative endeavors.

I am proud though, I have to admit. I have come such a long way since I chose to make photography more than just a hobby… this decade in the business has taught me SO incredibly much but as an intuitive kinda gal, I have to follow my heart, always.

My heart has been leading me more down the path of studying energy healing and working with others through my brand May the Quartz Be with You. It has been flourishing ever since I gave it the space to breathe and for that, I am incredibly grateful.

Where does this leave me in terms of my photography business you ask? Well, my aim is to remain the resident documentarian for the bi-annual RAW (Real Ass Woman) Collective Retreats. Offering my TheraPhoto portrait sessions to my women’s group has been nourishing beyond belief and has truly hit the spot in terms of me finding my calling with this art. Seeing my sisters come alive in front of my lens is an experience I cannot even truly put to words, but it is something I always want to commit 100% to.

In doing so, I find little time for other photography related projects as I have been focusing on MtQBwY while also being the Branding Guru for Raw Republic <3 It’s a lot of creative energy so, I must manage those commitments with fierce dedication and honesty to remain reliable and vital.

I’ll always have my camera by my side to document memories like I always do. I will simply not be agreeing to bookings for family portrait sessions as I have for so many years. There are times where exceptions will be made (especially for my past clients who are more like friends and family!), so there is never harm in asking! I actually just recently even invested in an incredible new lens a few months ago, so, the whole craft is not being tossed aside, rather, I am focusing on WHAT’S TRULY WORKING in my life and pouring my sweet love into those realms.

I’ll always have a photographer’s eye, the depth and sensitivity to capture profound portraits, and a desire to document parts of this wild ride called life… I am just coming to terms with what I am capable of as one single human BEing. And that my friends, is so beautiful. May you all feel such clarity in your lives!

Wishing everyone an abundant, healthy, and blissful year ahead. This is not goodbye, more like, I’ll see you later <3

  • Aunt Ellen - 01/02/2018 - 6:33 pm

    We support anything you do unconditionaly. Thanks for sharing whats going on. Being a spritual being is very healing for the world.Our Blessings Brookie.Bubby and Aunt EllenReplyCancel

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