The Visionary Healer

“Warm hello!” from my bright heart to yours ~ I am so glad you’re here.

You may or may not know that this blogsite is the home to a portrait artist/energy healing/mystic mermaid unicorn butterfly priestess/lover of all things that sparkle/essential oil wizard/lil yogi/sister/lover/daughter/friend…

but hey, since you’ve arrived, make yourself cozy with a cup of tea/coffee/superfood smoothie/whiskey/or wine so I can lay it down for ya!

Okay, ready? Here’s the scoop 🙂

{ I specialize in portraiture and family photography ~ while also enjoying creative projects on the side.

Although I am currently based out of Miami Beach, FL I frequently travel to NYC and most literally around the world as often as possible }


Want to know a bit more about me?


❂ I love my full, but organized bookshelf full of cherished paperbacks, crystals, essential oils, tarot cards and my 35mm film camera

❂ there’s enough room in my heart to have equal appreciation for the innocence in children and spontaneity in animals

(who I love to play with more is debatable)

❂ every other Fall season I carve out plenty of time to scrapbook – gotta get all those sacred images off the i-devices!

I am ultra passionate about holistic health and frequently blog about all my natural living musings 

❂ so one could imagine how much I love tie dye, fields of un-cut flowers (especially sunflowers!) and walking around barefoot in nature

❂ movement (yoga/dancing), listening to good tunes while coloring a mandala, or consuming a bomb-ass homemade smoothie bowl can make any day brighter

❂ my maternal side is a gold-mine for creativity

 (essentially “I got it from my mama”) …

~ my artistic abilities began to shine with music, (although I am primarily a vocalist, I can play some mean air-guitar)

which then spread out towards painting, and developed into photography – which is why you’re really here 😉

here’s a perfect representation of me – my niece and I, the light of my heart – out of focus, but pure & honest


and another of me snuggling on one of my favorite babes to photograph since she was in mama’s tummy!

Brooke & Aria


a word on education…

I remember being behind the camera and learning this craft from as early as 10 years old.

You can’t fake that kind of dedication!

After giving college in NYC a shot, I realized I had some bigger plans and stepped outside of the box in search of some real nourishment…

Praise the power of the holy inter-webs, because within a fairly short time span I have weaved together a network that contains some of the most incredible mentors on this planet!

❂ I have worked closely with Rachel Brenke to get all my ducks in a row with the legal side of this photog biz

  ❂ alongside Erin Tole for an enlightening newborn photography mentorship

❂ and have learned further newborn photography flow through online workshops taught by Rachel Vanoven & Ashley Skjaveland

❂ Plenty of knowledge was also gained during my time enrolled in courses at School of Visual Arts, Hunter College and Fashion Institute of Technology (for photo + music)

About Brooke

Some other fun facts about me:

❂ I am a Certified Crystal Healer under the Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy

❂  a wellness advocate/essential oil specialist with doTERRA

❂  the marketing manager for Raw Republic

❂ and am a sister of the phenomenal women’s group called Wild Feminine Un.leashed which is lead by the inimitable Alexandra Schueler

(I am beyond grateful to add that I am also the official photographer for all WFU retreats!)


find me online <3

IG ~ bearosenblum

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